The first week back after Labour Day has been a busy one, and especially within the City of Toronto, where sales of all home types are up strongly on both a monthly and annual basis. The 905 regions also experienced robust improvement year over year, though performance was mixed compared to the same time frame last month.

A whopping 90 detached houses sold in the 416 over the weekly time frame, up 88 per cent from 2018, and 22 per cent month-over-month. The 905 also saw surging improvement with 373 transactions, up 62 per cent year-over-year, and 31 per cent month-over-month. It was also a fairly strong week for semi-detached houses with 121 sales in the 416 (up 62 per cent year-over-year and 5 per cent month-over-month), though slightly softer in the 905 at 58 transactions, marking an increase of 23 per cent year-over-year, and down -8 per cent from August.

Condo townhouses experienced exceptionally volatile swings – which is more common for this sector due to its much lower overall inventory. A total of 33 units sold, up 371 per cent compared to 2018, and 57 per cent month-over-month. In the 905, 72 sold, up 60 per cent year-over-year, and 4 per cent month-over-month. Toronto condos also had a good week with 159 unit sales in the 416, up 34 per cent year-over-year and 20 per cent month-over-month, while 215 sold in the 905, up 27 per cent year-over-year and 9 per cent month-over-month.

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