Today, the City of Toronto announced some changes to Centennial Park’s winter programming, including some new additions, as well as some programs that will no longer be available.

While ski and snowboard programs will be a no-go at the park this winter due to ongoing mechanical issues with the ski lift, the City has accelerated the delivery of a new dedicated tobogganing area, a holiday market featuring local small businesses, themed leisure skating at the arena, and a variety of camps and workshops, including Holiday CampTO. All new offerings can be accessed for free or at a nominal cost.

Some highlights of the 2022/2023 winter season will include an all-ages Holiday Market on December 3 and a free all-ages Celebrating Black History Month event on February 24 and 25. For children ages six to 12, Centennial Park will host a Ski Chalet Holiday CampTO from December 27 to January 6, a Winter Wonderland workshop on January 21, and a Game of Valentines workshop on February 11. For children ages four to 12, the park will host Family Day Weekend workshops on February 18 and 19, which will entail a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Scheduled programming will also spill into spring, with March Break Camps for ages six to 12. More information on weekend winter activities and registration particulars can be found on the City's Welcome TO Winter webpage.

The new programming is part of the Centennial Park Master Plan, a long-term project that will see ongoing improvements to the park, approved by City Council in November 2021. More specifically, the improvements are meant to address the impacts of climate change, while enhancing the public services available to local and citywide residents.

“Through the Centennial Park Master Plan, the park will be transformed into a year-round, inclusive and accessible space for residents and visitors for years to come,” said Mayor John Tory. “I am excited that staff have developed a plan for this coming winter season that will see new and fun activities and events in place for people to gather and enjoy the winter season.”

More than $10M from the City’s capital budget and other funding sources will be put towards the Centennial Park update over the next five years.