For years, Canadians’ love of coffee has trumped their dislike of Tim Hortons’ lids. But now, the iconic brand has revealed Canadians will no longer have to suffer drinking from leaky, uncomfortable cups.

Behold: Tim Hortons’ brand new lids.

Tims Hortons New Spill-Proof Lids Photo courtesy of CNW Group/Tim Hortons

They now feature a raised dome and tabbed closure to “improve flow of coffee.” And as if the brand wasn’t Canadian enough, they embossed a maple leaf onto it, too.

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The new and improved design was more than two years in the making, according to Tim Hortons President Alex Macedo. That’s because the lids weren’t only designed to address functionality concerns, but also to address sustainability.

“Our guests have been asking for a better lid for years and we took the time to research and develop an improved lid that not just reduces spills but has a reduced carbon footprint,” Macedo said in a news release. “Guest feedback on our new lid is overwhelmingly positive with a nine-to-one preference over our old lid.”

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The new lids are made with polypropylene, which is a 100 per cent recyclable material. They will be accepted in all Tim Hortons restaurants, as well as in 95 per cent of recycling programs across Canada.

This is a big win for the environment, especially since single-use plastic has become such a big problem for landfills. In Ontario, each person produces nearly one tonne of waste per year, and 70 per cent of that waste ends up in landfills, according an Ontario government discussion paper.

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Tim Hortons’ new lids paired with their paper cups means all materials can be recycled together in all restaurants. However, the company’s website does note that not everywhere will accept their cups at this time, which is something to keep in mind.

According to a news release, the company is in the process of testing more environmentally friendly paper cups as part of their sustainability plans. They will also test strawless lids for iced drinks and roll out wooden stir sticks in place of plastic.

Tim Hortons Drink cups Photo courtesy of CNW Group/Tim Hortons

And in an effort to promote greener living, Tims will also introduce new reusable cups this summer, starting from $1.99.

Tim Hortons is the latest brand to announce their big plans for sustainability. Starbucks, A&W, Air Canada, Ikea, and more have all done so in the past.