Hunkered down at home (or cottage) for the umpteenth month in a row, winter may be hitting a little harder than it typically does this time around.

But there's no denying that even amid the darkest, chilliest times, a comforting meal warms the soul in a special, unmatched kind of way.

What's more, the height of a global pandemic sounds like exactly the time when locals should be -- to the extent that they can -- supporting the small businesses in their community. And if you're in Muskoka, the mom-and-pop shops in your vicinity are numerous!

To celebrate the nation's weekly Takeout Day -- or to simply amp up the novelty-factor on any other day of the week -- we've gathered some of the most drool-worthy restaurants in Muskoka region offering takeout during Theses Strange Times.

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Whether you're craving takeout now, or you're making plans for the weekend ahead, you're sure to find some standout gems in the roundup below. So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!

The Old Station Restaurant

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 4 pm to 7 pm, The Old Station is an ideal Bracebridge spot to order from to make your end-of-week meals more fun (and less work). Phone lines open at 3:30 pm on the afternoons this place is open, enabling you to order ahead and pay in advance for takeaway from their post on Manitoba Street.

Address: 88 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge
Phone: 705-645-9776

Website | Instagram


On cold days such as these, you know you want to spice up your life. And with a place like Marigold Unique Flavour in your neighbourhood, doing so is both easy, and delicious. With locations in both Bracebridge and Huntsville, you can get your hands on Indian, Thai, and Indo-Chinese cuisine in a jiffy, any day of the week, regardless of which northern lake you're on.

Address: 270 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge
Phone: 705-646-0100

Address: 17 Main Street East, Huntsville
Phone: 705-789-0001


Fine Thymes Bistro and Bakery

Open every day but Sunday, Fine Thymes is the place for artisan breads, sweet treats, and take-home meals both fresh and frozen. Not only can you enjoy lunch directly from this eatery, but you can also snag other eats to pop in the freezer at home, which will make meals a breeze through the week ahead, too.

Address: 13B Taylor Road, Bracebridge
Phone: 705-646-2424

Website | Instagram

Well Fed

Open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, Well Fed is welcoming in-person orders and conctactless payments at their newly-integrated "walk-up window." In addition to their permanent storefront, the eatery is also offering goods at Shipyards Muskoka Marketplace. There (at  908 Bay Street, Gravenhurst), you'll find frozen take-home meals, desserts and appetizers!

Address: 150 Hotchkiss Street, Gravenhurst
Phone: 705-684-WELL (9355)

Website | Facebook

The Oar

When you can't go out for fine food, you simply must bring the fine food home instead. Luckily, The Oar is offering only the best (think: steak and mushroom pie, or fried chicken and beer-infused mac and cheese), alongside wines and weekend pizza specials.

Address: 530 Muskoka Road North, Gravenhurst
Phone: 705-687-8618


The Frosty Pint Pub

Couldn't we all use a frosty pint right about now? Likely, and you -- blessed northerner -- can have one! Sort of. By ordering eats from the Frosty Pint Pub. Firstly, you can enjoy takeout versions of classic pub fare, like hoagies and Irish stew... but beyond that, you can fill out an online form to order wholesale items for your family each week. Striploin steaks, chicken breast, peameal bacon, seafood, fruit and veg are all on offer through this eatery, saving you a trip out of town.

Address: 110 Ferguson Road, Gravenhurst
Phone: 705-687-4333


The Bakery

Sometimes, a little something sweet is the only remedy. (Remedy to what, you ask? *We gesture vaguely in response.*) If that's the case for your soul, a trip to The Bakery is the answer. The shop's self-explanatory name says it best, as this place is the bakery to hit in Gravenhurst anytime a glutenous craving hits. While the entire menu looks phenomenal, the Apple Fritter tends to receive mass fanfare. As such, we'd recommend grabbing at least one.

Address: 141 Brock Street, Gravenhurst


Rickshaw Restaurant

For the rare time a sweet treat isn't the answer (*gestures vaguely once more*), Chinese food undoubtedly is. Long a staple on Muskoka Road, this spot is a go-to anytime you've got a hankering for fried rice, beef curry, or and egg rolls.

Address: 350 Muskoka Road South, Gravenhurst
Phone: 705-687-6626


That Little Place by the Lights

Playing the game a little differently than most, That Little Place wants your takeout experience to feel homemade... except without all the hassle. That's why they're offering "Ready to Serve" meal combinations including indulgent mains like pizza, pasta, and lasagna, which are served along sides including salad, focaccia, gelato, and wine. (Those last two items are "sides," right? We argue yes.) You can place your order online or by phone -- cash, credit, and debit are accepted!

Address: 76 Main Street East (by the lights at Brunel), Huntsville
Phone: 705-789-2536

Website | Instagram

Westside Fish and Chips

Fish and chips: not just for summertime. Westside offers "takeout day any day," with curbside pickup always available. We know you're longing for beach days, warm nights, and the feeling of the sun on your skin, but to tide you over until those days return, we suggest making local fish and chips a regular part of your eating routine.

Address: 126 Main Street West, Huntsville
Phone: 705-789-7200


Bala Falls Pub

The desire to sit in a bar and clink beers amongst friends is strong. But you're stronger. To recreate the cheerful vibe of your local eatery at home, order eats from the pub, pour a pint, and throw a game on the TV. Set yourself up at the kitchen island, dim the lights, and trust that while you're safe at home -- enjoying good grub and refreshing beverage -- each passing moment brings you a little closer to the day your glutes will again rest on local barstools.

Address: 1010 Bala Falls Rd (beside the Kee to Bala), Bala
Phone: 705-762-3035

Website | Instagram