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Name: Sarah Darbani
Brokerage: Royal LePage Signature
Personal Channels: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram
Years of Experience: 9
Areas of focus: Whitby, Durham Region


Where did you grow up?

Funny, some people have commented to me that this is probably why I’m a realtor — my family and I moved a lot. When I was younger I lived all over the GTA. I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. When we moved to Canada we lived in Oakville, St. Catherines, Stoney Creek, Whitby, North York and now I am back in Whitby.

What neighbourhood do you live in now?

Rural Whitby.

What made you want to become a real estate agent?

I got into real estate to build a community and help guide first-time buyers with their biggest purchase of their lives. It can be very overwhelming and I want to help ease that stress.

What's the biggest challenge you see in the market today?

Well, without getting too political, and to keep it short: lack of supply and affordability. I get why people are moving out of the GTA to other provinces. Cost of living is through the roof (pun intended).

What's the single best advice you have for sellers?

Sellers have heard this before — it’s a matter of whether they choose to take this advice. Level set your expectations. Meet the market where the market is when you are selling, not where it was or could be.

What's the single best advice you have for buyers?

Buyers - know your non-negotiables. Don’t waste your time and get upset over what’s out of reach. Stick to your non-negotiables and stay within budget. Unforeseen expenses could arise, so stick to the budget.

What's the best thing a realtor can invest in for their brand (a bus bench ad, a solid Instagram strategy, etc.)?

Social media, and get in front of your community. Ninety percent of our transactions start out from social media (Instagram) as a conversation. We use social media as a communication tool. The rest of the 10% are from pop-bys we do throughout the year or in-person seminars. Never underestimate the power of face-to-face.

Who do you look up to in the industry and why?

Sam Hewit. Hands down is the best mentor a female business woman could have. Sam will go above and beyond to make sure you are ok in your business and get you any help or connection you need. Time after time, she’s lifted me up and given me opportunities I wouldn’t have without her.

Is there anything you wish people knew or understood about realtors that you think they're constantly getting wrong?

Honestly, I understand the negative attention we get. I would pay triple my fees to get rid of the bad apples. The only thing I wish people knew is the dedicated realtors are d-e-d-i-c-a-t-e-d. There is no 9-5 for dedicated agents. It’s 24/7.

Tell us about your favourite (or most memorable) sale.

My favourite transaction has to be first time home buyers I helped in Oshawa. We connected deeper than the transaction. The wife and I had a very similar childhood and we were able to connect on a deep level. When they found their home, I was so happy for them to start a new beginning that they deserved. The home was their new haven.

What are the three words you hope your clients use to describe you?

Detail-oriented, genuine and fun!

What's your favourite thing to do outside of selling houses?

Helping small businesses and other realtors with their social media. Yes, I love a job outside of my career. I get so much joy from hearing about a small business gain followers that resulted in a sale, just from the tips or content I’ve provided them.

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