Giorgio Mammoliti tweet on Religion and Politics mixing (Photo courtesy of @rickygervais via

Toronto city councillor Giorgio Mammoliti is no stranger to controversy, and it is controversy that has acquainted him with fearless comedian Ricky Gervais.

On Sunday, Mammoliti tweeted about religion and politics:

“End attack on Christians and other faiths. Voters should ask candidates whether they believe in a God and support those who DO," wrote Mammoliti. "The lack of religious values in politics is why our children are killing each other. Religion and politics DO MIX. Let’s drive the devil out of Toronto!”

The outspoken councillor (Remember when he came under fire earlier in his re-election campaign for comparing evicting criminals from public housing to spraying for cockroaches?) caused a tweetstorm of responses.

And then the twit hit the fan when the British comedian responded.

Giorgio Mammoliti Giorgio Mammoliti (Photo courtesy of

"Exactly," replied Gervais to Mammoliti. "People who believe in a god are never violent. That’s why there are no religious people in prison."

Still, today, the Toronto city councillor stands by his tweet.

Mammoliti has been a part of municipal politics since the mid-1990s. Before that, he was an MPP under former premier Bob Rae.