Location will always remain a top priority for the commercial office space.

But each year, developers and landlords are committing more of their time and focus to ensuring that, irrespective of where they work, tenants can expect agile, dependable Internet connectivity.

This year, Menkes Developments Ltd. raised the bar by partnering with digital certification pioneers WiredScore to put its One York Street and 4711 Yonge Street developments through an exhaustive Internet evaluation.

“Our tenants deserve the very best in high-speed connectivity,” said Peter Menkes, president of the Commercial/Industrial division of Menkes. “If there were improvements to be made in our buildings, we wanted to know about them.”

Improve signal strength

WiredScore’s method for evaluating a commercial building’s connectivity is a comprehensive one, measuring redundancies within a technological infrastructure, access points for Internet connection, and the capacity for and readiness to improve a property’s signal strength.

The assessment process paid off for Menkes, as its 4711 Yonge Street building achieved Gold Status, and the Platinum certification awarded to One York Street distinguished the building as the first completed new development to be Wired Certified in Canada.

Upon announcement of the results, Arie Barendrecht, founder and CEO of WiredScore, stated, “… One York Street and 4711 Yonge’s Wired Certification confirms that these properties are prepared to meet tenants’ connectivity requirements.”

Reliable cellular coverage

One York Street’s Platinum Status can be attributed to several factors. The building boasts redundancy for cables on a number of the structure’s sides, a Distributed Antenna System that guarantees reliable cellular coverage, a Telecom room distinct from other utilities, and full fiber distribution and route diversity that can be used for primary or back-up Internet service, independent of the fiber-optic connections to the building.

Menkes is equally proud of the certification awarded to 4711 Yonge Street.  The building is 30 years old, so the achievement of Gold Status demonstrates Menkes’ regard for the tenant experience in both new and more established properties.

“WiredScore’s Wired Certification has become the international standard for top-rate digital connectivity,” said Menkes. “Results of this type help to ensure our tenants that we are committed to surpassing technological standards, now and into the future.”

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