If your power went out over the lunch hour, you're not alone.

According to Toronto Hydro, the City of Toronto is experiencing (yet another) massive power outage.

"We are currently aware of a very large area outage affecting the east end of the city, particularly the Cabbagetown, Riverdale, Leslieville, and the Beaches area," says a 1 p.m. recording on the Hydro One Power Outage Line. "Exact boundaries will be updated as soon as more information is known regarding this outage."

Toronto Hydro said that the outage due to a loss of supply from from Hydro One. "Exact restoration time is not known," says the recording. Hydro One says the recording will be updated when more information is available. The company also took to Twitter to announce the power outage.

In an update posted on Twitter at 2pm, Toronto Hydro said that crews have determined animal contact caused a trip at one of their stations in Toronto’s east end (we have questions too).

This is the second large-scale blackout for Toronto in recent months; in August, another massive power outage consumed parts of the city for up to eight hours after a crane came in contact with a power line.

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