Massey Hall (Photo courtesy of Louis Bavent via Flickr)

Massey Hall just lost its famous moustache. The iconic fire escape staircases, that cascade down the front façade of the building, were removed on Tuesday.

The 125-year-old concert venue is a beloved Toronto landmark. Earlier this summer, the venue was officially shut down so work could begin on its two-year restoration project.

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As part of the revitalization project, more than 100 original stained-glass windows will be restored and all of the 2,753 seats will be replaced.

Though they made the building instantly recognizable, the zig-zagging staircases were not part of the building's original design and thus will not be returning in 2020.

massey hall concert (Photo Courtesy of KPMB Architects)

The distinctive red interior and the stage floors are both set to revert back to their original hues. One can only hope the legendary signatures that grace the ground right now will continue to be seen.

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The renovations, which are expected to cost $135 million, will also see an improvement in sound quality and accessibility in the space.

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Earlier this year, Massey Hall's Director of programming, Jesse Kumagai, told Now Toronto the new building will be transformed with amplified music in mind.

One thing that won't be changing, however, is the pillars which obstruct views but also keep the building up.