Not one, not two, but five new residential towers have recently been proposed for a sparse spot on the Toronto lakeshore. The Lake Promenade Co-Tenancy is behind an application filed with the city in mid-April, which seeks to redevelop 220, 230, and 240 Lake Promenade, and 21 and 31 Park Boulevard in the Long Branch neighbourhood of Etobicoke.

Pending city approval, the site in question, currently occupied by five seven-storey rental apartment buildings, could soon see a posse of new (and improved) mid- and high-rises between 12 to 30 storeys in height. The development would reach 92.28 metres at its highest point and encompass 129,343 sq. m of total gross floor area.

Two of the buildings are planned to be rental in tenure, jointly containing 548 replacement rental units and 29 market rental units. The remaining three buildings are intended to be condominium in tenure, with 1,444 units planned for a total of 2,021 rental units across all five buildings.

Indoor and outdoor amenity spaces are also proposed, at 4,057 sq. m and 4,044 sq. m, respectively, as well as 1,307 vehicle parking spaces and 1,642 bicycling parking spaces.

five-tower development proposed toronto lakeshoreBDP Quadrangle

Beyond adding thousands of residential units to the area, the proposal includes a number of enhancements to the public realm, including the addition of two public parks, planned to be 2,694 sq. m and 2,336.9 sq. m, respectively.

Toronto lakeshore etobicoke 2BDP Quadrangle

Renderings prepared by BDP Quadrangle show four distinctive towers on the edge of Lake Ontario. The dedicated parkland is planned at the base of the 12- and 14-storey buildings (along the Long Branch Avenue and Park Boulevard frontages).

five-tower development proposed toronto lakeshoreBDP Quadrangle

According to documents prepared in support of the application, the proposed development in its entirety stands to “rejuvenate the subject site and surrounding area, while respecting the established neighbourhood character of Long Branch.”

five-tower development proposed toronto lakeshoreBDP Quadrangle

In addition to being waterfront adjacent, the subject site is located within walking distance of bus stops served by frequent surface transit routes along Lake Shore Boulevard West, and is within “reasonable proximity" of the Long Branch Loop and Long Branch GO Transit station.

Speaking specifically to the neighbourhood in question, Long Branch has seen an “influx of reinvestment” in recent years and the proposed development is very much in line with the densification of the area. If realized, the proposed is expected to provide “a broader range of housing options and necessary population support to the local businesses and services in the Long Branch neighbourhood.”