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Amidst A Historic Housing Crisis, Canada’s Ability To Build Quickly Is Both Question And Answer

Canada is experiencing a historic housing shortage, and in the midst of this shortage, new home construction is dropping precipitously.

Real Estate News

STOREYS' 2022 Real Estate Issue of the Year: The Market (From Peak to Trough)

As inflation soared, the BoC had to hike rates aggressively to reign it back in. That's been felt at every level of the real estate market.

Real Estate News

With the Housing Market in Decline, Will Canada Come to Regret Banning Foreign Buyers?

Canada’s rules against foreign homebuyers haven’t done much for affordability, but may be doing damage to our image as a good place to invest.


What Would “Affordable” Home Prices Actually Mean for the Canadian Economy?

How would the economy be impacted if Canadian housing prices suddenly -- and dramatically -- dropped? It wouldn't be a pretty picture.