Ahead of this fall’s municipal election, Mayor John Tory will be sitting down with Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) leadership for a fireside chat.

The event, to be held tomorrow, will include remarks from Tory and a discussion with TRREB President Kevin Crigger and TRREB CEO John DiMichele. The event will broach various municipal matters facing the City, including housing affordability and supply, transit and transportation, home energy rating and disclosure program, and taxation issues.

We heard from Tory earlier this summer on some of these challenges and his thoughts on addressing them in the years ahead. In August, Tory -- who is currently running for a third term -- released his election platform, including a five-point plan geared at creating more housing and addressing affordability challenges in the city.

Tory’s plan includes:

  • Diversifying and densifying Toronto’s housing stock by encouraging the construction of middle-density housing, particularly near major roads and in areas well-served by transit.
  • Improving bureaucratic processes (cutting down on red tape and streamlining approval times) and creating a Development and Growth Division to help to ensure that housing is being built efficiently.
  • Expediting housing development projects by enacting a “use it or lose it” policy for developers in possession of approved, but undeveloped, land.
  • Dedicating a portion of City-owned land to non-profit bodies with the ability to build co-op, supportive, and affordable housing.
  • Encouraging developers to build purpose-built rental housing by reducing fees and charges, and expediting the approval process for PBR applications.

“We’ve made strong progress over the past eight years to get housing built in Toronto, but to tackle increased affordability challenges brought on by a national housing shortage we need to build more homes, faster,” said Tory in a press release in August.

“This is about making sure that young people can live and raise their families in the neighbourhoods they grew up in, seniors can stay in their neighbourhoods if they decide to downsize, and newcomers can continue to move to and contribute to this City.” 

TRREB’s fireside event with Mayor Tory will be held in person tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. at Parkview Manor. TRREB Members will be in attendance and media is welcome.

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