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Naama is an architect, urban planner and urban designer. She has a bold vision: to change what good development can and should look like; with that in mind, she co-founded Smart Density.
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Public Transit, Now Is Your Moment To Shine... ​And Reshape Mobility Habits

Picture this: what if our public transit system were more extensive and convenient, capable of taking all of us out of our cars and freeing up hours wasted in traffic? Imagine the difference that would make in our lives.

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Happy Newcomer Day? What It’s Like To Search For Housing As A Newcomer Family In 2024

Architect and urban planner Naama Blonder paints a picture of everything a newcomer faces when landing in Toronto, including limited access to affordable housing.

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‘Major Streets’ is a Major Turning Point for Toronto

A proposed change presented to Planning and Housing Committee members this week would allow a broader range of housing typologies on Major Streets within Toronto 'Neighbourhoods'.

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Time To Take Over NIMBYville: There's A Big YIMBY Gathering In North America, And It's Awesome

YIMBYtown draws a diverse group of voices determined to confront NIMBYs and stand up for their neighbourhoods and future neighbours, and along the way, address one of the most urgent challenges of our time: housing.

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Transit-Oriented Cottages: How The Return Of A Train Line Will Prove Transit Can Change Everything

The return of Ontario's Northlander train service means more than just transportation — it represents a small yet significant step toward greater accessibility and affordability.

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Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem: Uber Is Driving Our Public Transit System Forward

Public transit users face a persistent challenge known as the "last mile" — the distance to your final destination that may be a bit too far to walk. Rideshare offerings like Uber and Lyft help fill that gap.

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"The Master Plan" Captures Toronto's Ingrained NIMBYism

Earlier this summer, Crow's Theatre presented "The Master Plan" by Michael Healey, in its own original production. The play, which has now concluded its run, was inspired by the book "Sideways: The City Google Couldn't Buy," by Josh O’Kane.

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Am I Converted? I Visited Vienna’s Rental Market

Vienna’s innovative social housing model, which has been in place for almost a century, shows how de-commodification of housing can benefit everyone. It's something Toronto can learn from.

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Beauty Or Beast: Building Greener But Uglier Cities

The way we are designing today to meet green standards makes me wonder: where are we heading exactly? To greener but uglier cities?