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In BC, Is Democracy Getting In The Way Of Housing?

BC's shift away from local control was designed to expedite housing amid an affordable housing crisis and responds to the argument that public hearings are inefficient, time-consuming and unproductive.

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Industry Experts Place Their Bets On The State Of Canada's Real Estate Market In 2024

Canadian real estate experts are expecting interest rates to keep a lid on prices, even with an anticipated uptick in sales activity this spring.


The Biggest Commercial Real Estate Deals in Metro Vancouver in 2023

As the year closes, it’s time to look back on the biggest commercial real estate deals in Metro Vancouver in 2023, nearly 50% of which were driven by foreign investment.

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STOREYS' BC Real Estate Newsmaker Of The Year

As anyone who’s casually aware of the housing situation will know, BC is deep into a housing affordability crisis, particularly in its urban areas. Enter BC Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon.


Current Planning Process Puts 'Vancouverism' – And Views – Under Threat

In terms of urban planning, this is not Vancouver’s finest hour, according to the internationally celebrated planner behind “Vancouverism”, Larry Beasley who spoke last night as part of the ongoing Simon Fraser University City Conversations series.


Kelowna's Short-Term Rentals Stall Amid New Government Measures

Because the Okanagan is a vacation destination, it drew a lot of investors who could more than cover their mortgage and tax costs by booking short-term rental guests. Now, many are having to sell.

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Matching Students With Seniors: It's Complicated, But The Demand Is There

A pair of young entrepreneurs have taken an old concept and turned it into an app for intergenerational living, pairing students and seniors for more affordable housing arrangements.

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Nobody's Market? Buyers' Waiting Game Sees Sellers Struggle

In Vancouver, it doesn't seem like either buyers or sellers have the advantage in the current real estate market, leading to frustration on all sides.


Where Have All The Character Homes Gone? Vancouver Policies Encourage Teardowns, Experts Say

Beautiful character homes, like the one at 3019 Point Grey Road that was rumoured to have caught the eye of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are being demolished in favour of bigger builds — and City policy seems to incentivize it.


James Cheng Aims For The Sky With Pioneering Vancouver Tower

The Stack, a new 37-storey tower in downtown Vancouver, is North America's first zero-carbon office building.


Norquay Village Is A Test Case For Multiplex Zoning, Say Residents

Norquay residents argue that their neighbourhood was an experiment in density that didn’t turn out as expected, with limited amenities and no movement on affordability.

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Serious Shortage Of Seniors' Housing Motivates BC Developer

With far more seniors on Vancouver's Northshore than available senior living units, developer Darwin Properties is motivated to build more — and they've already started.