Opportunity Cost: Lack of Halal Mortgages Preventing Many Muslim Ontarians from Becoming Homeowners

For too many of Ontario’s nearly one million Muslim residents, the dream of homeownership is unachievable as Canada remains the only G7 country that doesn’t have the necessary financial and regulatory frameworks to enable halal mortgages.

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Expert: Is Your Home A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?

So many injuries that take place on household property are avoidable – I see it all the time as a personal injury lawyer in Toronto.


Move Faster (On Housing) With Modular

Modular construction offers the opportunity to build more homes faster. With the right processes and legislation, we can scale the industry and get more families into affordable new homes.


When Will Rates Drop? It Depends On Who You Ask

What many Canadians may be unaware of is that fixed interest rates have already dropped 75 basis points from their peak last fall.


Setting the Record Straight: The Vital Role Realtors Play in Ontario’s Housing Market

It is essential that those covering the real estate market use good sources of data and consult with experts to give consumers the best information, writes TRREB President Jennifer Pearce.


Transforming BC's Housing Landscape: A Collective Approach To Affordability

The prevailing issues of soaring prices and limited affordable housing options have elevated shelter, a fundamental human need, to the status of a luxury.


Op-Ed: Historic Property Tax Hike Would Harm The Middle-Class, Renters, And Small Businesses

City Councillor Brad Bradford lends his opinion to the potentially historic tax hike for Toronto that, if approved, would represent the single largest tax increase in the city's post-amalgamation history.


Op-Ed: Government Actions On Housing Are Welcome, But Beware Unintended Consequences

Government initiatives such as the Rental Protection Fund, foreign buyer ban, property transfer tax, and accessibility requirements are well-intentioned, but there are downsides.


Op-Ed: What We Approve Is As Important As How Much We Approve When It Comes To Housing Affordability

At a time when we have perhaps the fewest skilled labour jobs in our history (certainly true relative to population) the buildings we are seeking to construct are more complicated and are taking more labour hours per square foot than ever before.


Op-Ed: Time For Toronto To Turn Down the Tax Temperature

It’s high time we re-balance the property tax burden so that those who are lucky enough to own their own home (from which tax-free capital gains accrue) proportionately fund our municipal services.