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John Lusink is President of RealServus Holding Corporation and its premium brokerages, Right at Home Realty and Inc. He has close to 40 years of real estate experience including an award-winning commercial sales real estate career and ownership of a major residential real estate franchise. He has been celebrated as a RISMedia Newsmaker and Swanepoel Power 200, among other accolades, and is an active participant in supporting the industry. Visit and
Real Insights with John Lusink

Investors, The Condo Market Needs You Right Now: Expert

"It's going to be a while before the condo market is a great option for investors again, and until then, we're looking at a ton of inventory, decreasing values, and an increasingly strapped rental market."


Canada’s Housing Plan: Exploring An Insider's Perspective

Ultimately, the success of Canada’s Housing Plan will depend on how the changes are implemented, how well they align with provincial and municipal efforts already in the works – and how the market responds.

Real Insights with John Lusink

Why Is The Toronto Real Estate Market So Resilient? An Expert Explains

High interest rates. Budget-crushing inflation. A tough employment market. The GTA has certainly faced its fair share of obstacles over the last couple of years, and yet… the city's real estate market just keeps on swimming.

Real Insights with John Lusink

Expert: Market Uncertainty Means Turbulent Times Ahead

"Right now, the market is showing a lot of promise, with a spring thaw and increased confidence. But it may not be smooth sailing from here."

Real Insights with John Lusink

Expert: Rental Vacancies Hit Record Lows As Prices Soar

While there are more listings, extreme demand is absorbing those numbers. And with that demand, rent prices are on the rise.


What Should Sellers Do In This Market? An Expert Explains

​Be realistic about price, know how long it takes to sell, look at current data – and find an agent who isn’t afraid to work hard for you.

Real Insights with John Lusink

'We’re In A Holding Pattern:' An Expert’s Take On Ontario’s Struggling Market

​A surprisingly strong housing market and record immigration have delayed the predicted slowdown, but they haven't prevented it. RealServus President John Lusink talks about what the Ontario real estate market holds for buyers, sellers, and agents.

Real Insights with John Lusink

Expert: Amid Recent Rate Hikes And The Summer Season, Market Recovery Stalls

In April and May, the Canadian housing market looked like it was poised for a comeback... but since then, things have shifted.